Don’t Ever Think We Forgot You

Anthony Weiner at the LGBT Pride parade, New Y...
Weiner Whines After Flashing His Wiener

All this frenzy about Anthony Weiner for some reason got me thinking about our respected adversary, Ray Hanania.

I don’t know why, but that’s my mishegos.

Maybe because Weiner’s wife is Muslim and Ray’s is Jewish?

Have you guys thought about double dating?

Anyway, just a shout out to ya Ray.

Ironic that the Cubs actually make the Mets look good isn’t it?

Wishing you and the family a Happy Shavuos, enjoy the cheesecake and repeat after me:

Kol Ha K’vod L’Tzahal, Golan Shelanu.


  1. I’m flattered to hear from you Ray.

    You honor me, sir.

    We also appreciate your efforts to bring Arabs and Jews together.

    Or should it be Muslims and Jews, as there are many Jewish Arabs.

    Look at the situation objectively and unemotionally and see who maintains relative tolerance and who is intransigent.

    Reward the former and deny the latter. The hard part’s defining who fits what bill, right?

    BTW I’d rather have you in my corner over Anthony Weiner. Unless there’s a secret you’re keeping from us.


  2. Good to see you, Ray. Thanks for dropping by.

    Just as Dr. Bombay always showed up instantly when hailed by Samantha on TV’s Bewitched, we can quietly whisper your name and — Bada Bing! — here you are. This is quite impressive, Ray. How do you do it?


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