I Keep My Promises

Years ago I promised Ray Hanania I wouldn’t call him a moron anymore. I leave it to you to read Ray’s own words below and decide for yourself

“Americans have always opposed Muslims, but the opposition started to increase in the 1990s as Muslim immigration to the country began to increase. It came out of the closet after Sept. 11, 2001, when Americans blamed Muslims for the terrorist attacks as a simplistic way to avoid answering their own crimes against the Arab and Muslim World through years of exploitation (the harvesting of oil) and the expansion of foreign policies hostile to the rights and laws of Middle East, Arab and Muslim Countries. The battle in New York City recently waged by closer expatriates who have taken their hatred to the streets is not an exception but the rule. Similar battles have been taking place in American cities and suburban regions for the past two decades.”

Keep on keeping on, Ray.

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