And the Ass He Rode In On

Remember the ass on which Jesus rode into Jerusalem?

It was Palm Sunday, or that’s what Christians call it now. Christians celebrate Palm Sunday, and whenever they get the chance they visit all the places where Jesus is reputed to have visited during his life.

Unfortunately, Christians haven’t been as Christian when it comes to remembering the ass on which Jesus rode into Jerusalem. That ass was a Syrian onager, which was hunted for sport by the Persian nobility for many centuries. Young onagers were captured and bred for riding animals. What you probably didn’t learn from your good reverend on Palm Sunday is the Syrian onager of Jesus fame is now extinct. It was hunted to death for meat.

Don’t think the Jews did it. They don’t hunt down such animals for food. Such food isn’t Kosher. In the wild, in some places where the Syrian onager used to live, now the Persian onager lives, and it too is seriously endangered.

If you want to find writings predating Jesus about such animals, check out Jeremiah 2:24, where he speaks of the “wild ass used to the wilderness, that snuffeth up the wind in her desire…”


  1. The unstated intent of the above piece about the ass he rode in on was to build on the anointed one being our president elect. With the Republican Party in disarray, this was my way of reminding the Evangelicals and the Christian Right and anyone else who might think environmentalism and conservation are for pussies, that if Jesus was for the nobodies of this earth, aka the poor and downtrodden, then certainly he was for the poor ass and his fellow conspecifics who are now extinct. Same would be true for all the other species that have and will go to heaven in a handbasket, until someone gets a handle on what’s causing the mass extinction our age is witnessing.


  2. Why “give this fuckhead a forum”?

    For the same reason we give Islamotards, Dems, liberals, ass-turds, race baiters, etc. forums…to help more of the World behold their handsome *Hansen foreskins.

    Don’t we spend our efforts here exposing douche bags of all sorts, especially anti-Semites? Since I posted that link, more peeps know about yet another Nazi called Lt. Col. Gordon ‘Jack’ Mohr, AUS Ret.

    And, I erroneously thought I had created the term “anti-Gentilism.” But I later checked search engines and found there were many previous references to it — so much for that original thought.

    *Hansen’s disease = Leprosy, as I’m sure LoB and Shlomo already know.


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