America’s Foreign Policy

Obama, yo mama. Hail to the king. Long live his opponents in Sing Sing. No, actually folks, let’s get serious. Thanks to Obama, we’re back to looking inwardly. To being insular. To forgetting that America needs a foreign policy.

Think about it. Obama just ran for president for over two years with no foreign policy except, he would talk to Ahmadinejad, he would pull out of Iraq, and???? Um???? Oh yeah, change and hope and all that crap.

He ran as the hate Bush president. Hate America president. Hate the direction we’re going in. Period.

He never said, nor indicated he was up to the task of running the world, much less America.

Ronald Reagan had a cogent foreign policy, but then the Cold War ended and so we drifted for 12 years. Four of those years were under George H. W. Bush. His foreign policy was for the birds. And he wasn’t so hot at running things at home either, so he got canned, just like Jimmy Carter, for being a big fat loser.

Then we got eight years of Clinton. Clinton tried to put out a couple of fires, like in Bosnia, but basically he was riding high, taking credit for a housing and stock market bubble that would take many more years to burst. During the interim he sold us on a bill-of-goods, that exporting jobs was a good thing. So we got NAFTA and friends. And we got tons and tons of illegal aliens.

After Clinton we got George W. Bush who also had no foreign policy, although some prominent members of his staff still wanted to screw Saddam Hussein. Then we got 9/11. And our foreign policy became the screwing of Saddam Hussein. Meanwhile, we fucked with the Taliban and al Qaeda and anyone else who wanted to mess with us.

Our entire raison d’etre became defeating the terrorists. That was good, but hardly a cogent foreign policy. Meanwhile, we got tons and tons more illegal aliens and lost much of our industrial base.

Now we’ve got Obama. The guy has never said anything important, never done anything important, and now he’s the most important person in the world. No doubt his soon to be all-powerful staff will be a bunch of Carter and Clinton hacks, people without a cogent view of anything. All they’ll want to do is undo whatever the Republicans did. They’ll want as much power as they can get. And they’ll get to vent their spleens wherever and on whomever they please. Meanwhile, we may get poorer and poorer as other entities such as Russia, the EU, Arabia (the Muslim states), and China drift in directions that could eventually do serious damage to the freedoms that were spreading around the world up and through the Reagan Administration.

Since then we’ve been in an unpleasant Post-Reagan Period and there’s no end in sight. At least no pleasant end that I can see, which sucks.



  1. Nice one, Shlomo.

    Now that Oby (Obey) has won been selected by the appeasers, the one thing I have left to look forward to is TMQ2. I fully expect al Qaeda and Taliban HQs to be moved to Washington, D.C. and set close enough to Farrakhan’s office (inside the white house) so he can walk outside and hit it with a rock (his ghetto weapon of choice).

    Maybe we can get back down to bidness on The Muslim Question now. This [s]election got in our way, but now it’s over. IT’S OVER! in more ways than one for many of us.

    If I were a Jew, I’d high-tail-it out of the USA before Oby and his friend, Farrakhan start building camps with signs over the gates saying, “Arbeit Macht Frei, and Shit!”.

    Oh, and to witness Jesse Jackson’s acidic tears on TV last night made me sick. At least they didn’t invite Jihad Jimmy Carter to speak. Now all honkeys, crackers, and peckerwoods will have to sit in the back of the bus…along with the Joos.


  2. Let them try to build camps. Let them try to shut us down.

    Where else is there to go? The camps will probably be designed by (former) Jews who now worship Obama and are state apparatchiks.

    Let’s get down to bidness and stop putting our hopes into RINOs. We can still defeat Obama and his agenda.

    Besides, it will be interesting.


  3. Shlomo:
    The real stupidity is in pretending that some asshole that did nothing but play political “in the club” games by artistically kissing asses and brushing egos is going to, miraculously overnight, develop the skills necessary for organising the world.

    That would be like having Michael Jordan run your ranch.
    Is it so difficult to see that you’re basically asking people that did nothing but play political games all their lives administer nations ??

    Do you want me, an IT specialist, to govern your country?
    I CAN’T DO THAT !!

    Their life’s trainig and skills are about APPEARING to be the right guy for the job.
    They have a degree in eficient smiling.

    WHERE are they going to suddenly develop the skills to run things ?

    People that are aware enough and skilled enough are kept in the background, because those people understand things and tend to care for people, therefore telling these assholes that they’re doing it wrong.

    So the assholes make controlled, chained employees out of them. ‘Cause people that genuinely care are dangerous to their meak interests.

    And the worst thing ?
    PR teams are getting better and better, so the posterboys are getting dumber and dumber.

    “other entities such as Russia, the EU, Arabia (the Muslim states), and China drift in directions that could eventually do serious damage to the freedoms that were spreading around the world ”

    Get the Fuck over yourself already !!

    Since when another nation choosing another way of seeing things is a “seroius damage” to what you keep professing ?!?

    This is brutal impinging on the right of self determination of another nation.

    If I want to be fascist, but in no way do I harm my citizens or the members of another nation, then I can damn fucking be as damn fascist as I damn please, and you have NO RIGHT to tell me how I should behave.

    You did nothing while the economical mechanisms of the world’s nations became more and more intertwined, hell, you praised it for all I know, and now you bellow that China’s policy is offending your little Starbucks spending budget.

    If you wanted China’s decisions to mean nothing to you, you would have taken a stand to keep America’s economy untouchable by foreign policy. “But that’s comunism”, you’ve been told, and you swallowed it.

    You elect posterboys to run countries and gape in awe that it don’t work (dumb).
    How other countries run themselves is not your damn business, and, if you make it yours, prepare your fartvalve for the consecquences.

    Nice writing to you, Bob(Shlomo) !


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