Daniel Ortega, May God Damn You

I saw in a newspaper yesterday that Daniel Ortega said the world financial crisis is proof that God is punishing the United States.

Isn’t that special?

Daniel Ortega, you red-assed baboon, lying commie rat bastard, motherfucking piece of shit. Who the fuck are you to speak for God?

I thought you commies don’t believe in God. Now you’re one of his prophets?

If the US is being punished, then you will make sure all of your companeros and amigos in Nicarfuckingagua will stay the fuck out of el Norte, right?

Maybe Nicarfuckingagua gets all those earthquakes because God is punishing it for you being such a thieving commie fuck-face.

Why don’t you do something more useful with your mouth, like sucking on Hugo Chavez’s pino pequeño?

Otherwise we invite you to…



  1. If Danny boy happens to see this:

    He should know that millions of Americans don’t love him anymore. However some of us felt more than 25 years ago, most of us now agree with this post.

    He’s a commie puke and a curse to the Nicaraguan people. Just another phony like Che, Fidel and Ego Chavez. Ortega hates America and America hates the asshole. We also hate his Hollywood friends. Next time they all meet in Caracas, the earth should open up and swollow them. (Praise God)


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