Talking to Democrats

The Vietnam Vets Were Right

Many of you have long been Democrats. You have contributed to and supported the Democratic Party. My argument is that you are now free to step away, for your “Party” has let you down.

I am a 9/11 American. Within a year of 9/11, and after the election of 2004, I found that the Vietnam Vets were right all along about the left wing of the Democratic Party. Not anti-war crybaby vets like John Kerry, but the average military personnel who served in that theater. The ones that hated “Hanoi Jane” Fonda for being un-American and treasonous. They hated the anti-war movement for the same reason.

Now the movement has gone mainstream. Bill Ayers is its poster child. Infiltrating the system since the bloody days of the 60s, communist like Ayers have been able to negatively influence America. Maybe because he had a rich daddy, or perhaps because his terrorist actions had stressed the authorities to the limit, he avoided jail and any consequences for his bombings and other acts of sedition, treason, etc. This is analogous to the Democratic Party. All it has lost for its aid and comfort to the enemy are a few voters like me. Their members’ rich daddies and other contacts include the likes of George Soros, Hollywood, and the entire mainstream Obamedia.

Obama has the support of Ayers and all the surviving leaders of the New Left from the 60s and 70s. They are part of his campaign, likely including many Islamofascist groups and individuals. When it comes to politics, these people are not novices. Groups like ACORN know how to get out the vote and the law doesn’t stop them in achieving this, by whatever means necessary.

The failed ideology of the Left will bleed our country dry. The end of the free market is the end of freedom. Our economic and military weakness brought on by an Obama presidency, will entice even more of the Islamic warriors to attack us. It will bolster dictators like Kim Jung Il and Hugo Chavez. Obama’s “change” has been tried and failed every time. A better agent of change is the McCain promise to clean up government. To whack the weeds grown from the seeds the Democrats have sown: Witness the sub-prime mortgage fiasco brought about by Democrats giving in to the demands of the Left.

Obama’s Left will be in control if Democrats put him in. Democrats can only hope to one day recapture their party from the anti-American New Left. Patriotic Americans must now unite around God Bless America, not “God Damn America!“, the church of Obama and his puppeteers.

Tell us your thoughts.

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