Waiting for Obamo — The Beginning

Theater of the Absurd — Democratic Leadership:

ThumbnailThe year is 2012.

Two former prominent politicians huddle together in what looks like a junk yard. Their clothes are ragged and their state of mind is frazzled.

In Waiting for Obamo, we found them hunting rats for dinner and we learn their ultimate fate.  Here is the preceding story.  It’s a post-nuclear war kind-of deal. Their only hope is Obamo, but just like Godet, he never shows.

Harry: (Sitting on the ground, he molds the dirt into the shape of a pie.) “I want pie.”

(Nancy snarls)

“I’d like some pie”

Nancy: “I heard you the first time.”

Harry: “I haven’t had a nice fresh piece of pie in years.”

Nancy: “Don’t be silly. It’s only been two years…tops.”

Harry: “I can almost taste it.” (He becomes dizzy and falls face first into the dirt pie.)

Nancy: “Why did we trust Obamo?”

Harry: (His face still buried in the dirt.) “Be still, girl. He will come.” Nancy: “You don’t still believe that shit, after everything that’s happened!?”

(They both sit quietly, lost in thought. Nancy suddenly screams. Holding up a broken mirror, she peels away pieces of her face.)

“My God Damn face is falling off.”

Harry: “Stop picking at it.”

Nancy: “I didn’t touch it. It just slid off like a broken egg.”

Harry: “Well if you can’t re-attach it, do you mind if I eat it? I miss eggs.”

(He starts munching on a piece of her face)

“It’s time to face facts…this ain’t half bad (he offers Nancy some. She gestures, no, and turns around to wretch)

“We have lost…the War…I mean, we are lost and we should look for some other people.”

Nancy: “But what if he comes?”

Harry: “We’ll leave a note.”

(They left a note but it was never read. It turned to dust along with their hope)

From Speaker Pelosi and Sen. Reid:

Dear Obamo, After the blast cleared, we came out of our shelters and went to the designated meeting point. When we ran out of food, we moved on to the coast. Our camp was over-run and most of us were killed. With no fuel, we began walking West. Those of us who survived had but one hope: Our leader and The Chosen One. We would never blame President Obamo for the events that have befallen the United States of America. Your peace treaty with al Qaeda was visionary. The Republicans kept them from seeing your vision and they attacked us. After all that’s happened to us, all we can say is: Shit happens! We love you with all our hearts. We’ve been waiting for two years and we have not lost our hope. It’s all we have left. We have headed West. We will send smoke signals…if we can make a fire.

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