The View: Lipstick on Pigs

Lawdy Massa McCain, is you gonna make me a slave?
Lawdy Massa McCain, is you gonna make me a slave?

Watching The View causes loss of brain cells. Imagine what being one of the hooey-filled hostesses can do to the thought processes. Who are these fat bitches and why do people listen to them?

Will President McCain bring back slavery? Will we be under God or what the pigs want, a pagan playland where the media tells us what to think and we pray to them?  Either way, just thinking about the old bitches’ questions makes me feel stupid.  So the question has been answered, you can put lipstick on a pig and it’s not still a pig — it’s a feminist.

23 thoughts on “The View: Lipstick on Pigs

  1. W-D,

    Why don’t you just forget we have a “Thumbnail” button. We never use it and neither should you.

    Post all pics full size, then drag them to size in the post window…none larger than 450 pixels wide.

    And learn to properly nest them, like I explained in emails several times. Otherwise, don’t post pics. You create work for me which I don’t have the time to clean up.

    And this post is very close to one I posted awhile back. Be careful.

    See: Lipstick on the Pig, March 2, 2007.


  2. Word-Drum,

    You asked why people listen to the View hostesses.
    The reason is, women listen to women. They can’t help themselves. They love listening to themselves and each other. They talk incessantly, most do anyway. I say they talk. Gossip is a big part of it. And being catty. But now that they have these “newsy” shows, they talk about everything under the sun. If you were to listen to anyone talk for a while, we’d all sound pretty silly. Even we men say some strange stuff. Only thing is we aren’t nearly as clueless as women think. And we aren’t as immature, nor do we just think with our dicks. The fact that so many women believe all that means they don’t like us very much. Never have, except for that short period when they totally love us. I didn’t hear Whoopie say McCain’s gonna bring back slavery, but that’s a pretty funny thing to say. I think it’s more the other way around. Chances are far greater that Obama’s gonna turn the White folks into Dhimmis.



  3. Shlomo,

    When was the last time you heard a liberal on TV give a conservative the benefit of the doubt?

    The answer is never. I’ll do the same to them. They don’t know what a conservative is, yet they define us to the people who watch TV. We are everything bad, and they are everything good. These piggies don’t represent women. They represent Group Think. What the fuck was that sick cow Woopie saying? Fuck them all. She might as well of said: “Lawdy Massa McCain, is you gonna give me a woopin’?”

    Lance, I think the phrase “lipstick on a pig” is now in the news and your post was written B.S. (Before Sarah). I am shamelessly looking for hits and poking fun at today’s appearance on The View by Sen. McCain. Sorry about the photos, I did imbed them. The nesting seemed right. I know it did not look boring enough. As I’m more an artist than a writer, I need pictures and it’s hard to change my avant-garde ways.

    Also, a male or a female can HOST a show. I’ll defer to you on grammer. I do miss the pig picture for Woopie, but it’s your blog.


  4. W-D: Whatever. The Rosie Pic was deleted by accident and I had no time to redo it. I was trying to un-fuck your improper nesting (embedding). Put it back if you like. Just cut and paste the URL from my old post.

    Shlomo: Patience, is for pussies. I ride em hard and put em away wet. Is there any other way?

    To all: If I ever had any patience, I lost it at the precise moment some enemy asshole started shooting at me. Whatever patience I may have once had went into his head attached to the 5.56mm round which left my M-203 at an extremely rapid muzzle velocity.

    He was as patient as one gets immediately after.


  5. I always appreciate the support from Shlomo (when I fuck up and Lance corrects me). But I’ll repeat, if Lance ever changes, and looses his edge, I’m walking.

    In revising this post, I’ve given it a Lance like edge and tip my hat to the master of destruction.


  6. Maybe while everybody else in the world was “changing”, I was too busy trying to stay alive with that severed abdominal aorta and severed left external iliac artery which eventually lead to my heart pumping dry and my heart stopping for a long spell.

    Thank God for electricity, chest cutters/spreaders, adrenalin shots to the heart, and able surgeons’ hands.

    I’m kind of like a ghost now and walk to the beat of a different drummer. Wasting my borrowed time on inane niceties just to salvage someones sensibilities seems silly. I just say it.

    Americans love soldiers when they’re fighting wars, but they complain when these same guys return as veterans to a world of full of know-it-alls who’ve never really been anywhere or ever really done anything of world-wide importance (as volunteers, no less). You know, after we’ve “changed”.

    So what you guys really want is for us to “change back” to what we were before we toured hell. Can’t be done.

    Maybe this is why Uncle Sugar likes me so much. Ya think?

    W-D: Nice job.


  7. They should change the name of THE VIEW to THE PICKET FENCE. Like women who’ve always had that urge to spread gossip over the picket fence to neighbor women, this show fills that… GASH.


  8. Word-Drums been working (entertaining Obama supporters). The brothers and sisters love Word-Drum. He keeps the Western front swinging.

    No Lance, sharpen your blade and hack out a post. Show us how it’s done. Spill some blood. And have a nice day.


  9. Been too damned busy and out of the loop lately to be inspired enough to “hack out a post.” Barely have time to un-fuck the fuck-ups and would do a more thorough job given time.


  10. I went to the same county fair in 1958 when General Fulgencio Batista y Zaldívar was still el presidente de Cuba, and during that trick, the stogie she was puffing on was Cuban and it was legal. I can’t say what she was doing was legal, but women didn’t have rights back then, it was the fifties. That’s when the blue laws were still enforced.


  11. Wor-D has been silent for several days. I wonder if he got thrown under a bus by one of his liberal friends…like his Mom? Or maybe he dislikes LoB’s new nick for him, Wor-D.

    Hope he’s OK, wherever he is.

    P.S. Brubeck is a Cath-O-Lick.


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