The photo below is a great testament to the take-down power of the US Army M-107 semi-automatic 50-caliber Sniper Rifle.

Every sane citizen of the USA should own one of these.

This was purportedly a 1500-meter shot.

This would-be Muslim suicide bomber or insurgent took nobody with him on this guaranteed trip to hell. He never knew what hit him. It was just lights out — permanently!

They all die with the same stupid look on their faces (what’s left of them)

Dead Muji-ass-wipe
No virgins. No paradise. Just dead!

Take a gander at the weapon used on his head

US Army M-107 .50-caliber LRSR (Long Range Sniper Rifle)
US Army M-107 .50-caliber LRSR (Long Range Sniper Rifle)

Check out the size of the round:

.50-caliber bullet size comparison
.50-caliber bullet (far left) size comparison


    1. We’ve tried diplomacy… Doesn’t work. Terrorists or fundamentalist, whatever you call them, are not willing to talk. The simple matter comes down to neutralizing the problem.
      This is not racism, this is simply proud Americans being excited over soldiers handling a bad situation in a manner that exemplifies how pissed off we are. As far as the name calling goes; what do you think the “towel head” is calling you? I imagine it is something far worse than a simple mockery of their traditional attire.

      If you don’t like the way the war is being handled, go cry to your congressman. Better yet, why not take a trip; go over there and see for yourself how it really is. If you do not have the courage nor intestinal fortitude to do so, at least get online and Google “Band of Bloggers.” See what our men and women are up against.

      I would appreciate if anyone who desires to respond in some pithy and childish manner, would first do a little research on this matter instead of dropping left-wing, bleeding-heart rhetoric that they may have been brainwashed into believing.


      1. Almost forgot. This is “irreverent”, says so in the title of the page. So; you left-wing, commie, pinko, bleedin’-heart, pussy. Get the fuck over it!

        Well said Tankhunter!


  1. Maybe the virgins will say “Nice Tie” as sincerely as only those lying sacks of “virgin” shit can. Then they might add, “Looks like you were the death of the party!”

    The way things are going, looks like this dead-head look is catching on among Muslim scum.


    1. U go by “Muslim” for a last name, howcome u hate them so much “Shlomo”?

      ur nothing but a cowardly scumbag pretending to be a muslim !!


      1. Don’t they teach logic in school anymore? Dolts like Bad Breath really have some serious impairments when it comes to reaching valid conclusions. It doesn’t help them when they start with false premises pulled from thin air (or their asses).


      1. Many of the things that people hated Bush about, like the economy and the housing market, were problems caused by policies set up by Clinton. Stark similarities between the two also (such as screwing up). Bush setting up some Righteous Retaliation was the exact thing everyone wanted! Hell, each civilian death caused by those damn Muslim Terrorists deserves 10 millitant brain-spills in return!


  2. How’s that for propaganda. These people are born and bread *[bred] into terrorism it’s their way of life. They will not accept anything rational, there’re *[they’re] islamic extremists. American patirots *[patriots] are being tortured and killed by these wackos and as soon as an american soldier “unjustifiably” kills one it’s looked down upon. We should level every damn islamic nation and have the next woodstock there!!!

    * [Corrections made by blog administrator]


  3. Mo Hitler is interesting. Are you implying that Islam is somehow related to Nazism?
    Wasn’t Nazi Germany a Roman Catholic nation?


  4. Dear License Plate Name,

    We are not implying that Islam is related to Nazism.

    We are enlightening,exposing, educating and elucidating how the Islamism of today is the direct spawn of the Hitlerian facism to which it allied itelf in the 1930s and that Hitler is second only to Mohammed when it comes to the idol worship and suicidal messianism blowing out the asses of Muslim fuckwads.



  5. i want to stick my hand in and through his head and into his throat and lick about up i like it its the death thats good. why did all that good braun meat sit there and go bad. i want it. its ok it would probably sit in my fridge and go bad anyways


  6. its good thats what he deserved fukkin faggot i say evry one shuid just finish all the pakiis in the wrld but keep in mind indians with turbins r not muslims


  7. A phote like this should shock everyone! yet yall spout profanities about other things, we shouldn’t be numb to the gore like this! he might have deserved it, im not God, but he got it if he did. but seriously if this doesn’t bother you, there is something wrong, soon our kids are not going to be satisfied with games, they will play for real, so don’t be mad if your kid comes up looking like this guy.


      1. I agree with pete about the kids thing, but i also agree with everybody ’bout the “Now we root out the cowardly rats left over and split their heads with 50-caliber rounds”(Lance).


  8. Our kids will be very satisfied with games.
    Their kids are the ones that want to play this shit for real and wallow in a cult of death.

    If you think this is gory, it’s nothing compared to the gore that would have been produced if this scum bubble’s vest had exploded in a crowd of people like he was planning.


    1. No you won’t. All you will do is piss inside your hijab right before you get your tiny penis shot off and pea brain blown out by a US Soldier — and then he’ll fuck your mother and sister, take pictures and upload them to the internet.


  9. well he probebly had it comming, but with us taking pictures like this and laughing at it shows that we’re not much better then them. although i agree that every single one of them fucking terrorists should wind up like him, wether we want to admit it or not every one has there own world and there all something to someone. im all for this war but posting things like whats posted here shows were going the same way they are and thats not what this country is about, and i like most americans would rather die then watch my children and my childrens children grow up in a nation powerd by hate, even though racist jokes are the best jokes


  10. Ur all just such Fallen Evangel Zionshits that deserve one-shot.. Attack us today! Turkey n Iran will be ur “Game Over”!..

    Fuck all ur Devil souls !!!…


  11. That’s right, STR8 CHAPPED IN THE ASS AND HOODWINKED, drop your crack pipe, get the “Hate Whitey” out of your small brain, and get real before we have to kick your ass and tell your mamma you been actin’ up and axin’ the wrong questions.

    You’re just a little boy, and I emphasize the word “BOY”.


  12. lan amına koyduklarım siz ne olursanız olun elbet bir gun herkes musluman olcak yanı siz şerefsiz lerin hakkından biz türklerden başkası gelemez
    ırakta ve daha birsuru musluman ulkelerinde yaptınız zulmun acısını elbet biz türkler bir gus sorucaz size bunu hiç aklınızdan cıkarmayın
    birde biz türklere barbar derler

    dünyada sizin kadar pis bir kanemıci mahluk varmıdır acaba


  13. We Turkish people as it about one day of your future that we can be sure man am putting you sure what you are, it’s a day that we Muslim countries used to make the penalty will take you already dishonored s right, we Turks else can come in far-off and a lot of Muslim countries in the persecution of the pain we are certainly türk a gun’s going to ask you not to remove from your mind in a Turkish people, we say to the barbarian world, until you a filthy bloodsucker would have created this site aims to do what I do not know but I vilification of Muslims in the end, came to my mind and I wrote the article I do not know the English dictionary would turn me ie


    1. Your comment makes almost no sense at all, but I do seem to perceive a threat from you in it somewhere. If so, fuck you and the camel you rode in on, muji-sissy!

      Get a new translation program ’cause yours sucks camels dongs.

      Oh, and you mussies are the barbarians. Own it, deal with it, and suffer the consequences.

      Mohammad was a lie. He/she/it never existed.


    2. Remember the Armenian genocide Mr. Turkey? Only about 1.5 million christians dead. If anything, America has some catching up to do on your people. You couldn’t even get past 300 men at Thermopylae with hundreds of thousands of Persians until you threated innocent families with death unless they revealed another pass.

      I am convinced that like most religions, Islam is stuck in the dark ages.


    1. Stupid muslim jihadis… I’d rather look at the 100s of thousands (perhaps millions) of jihadis we’ve honorably killed on the battlefields than the few thousand cowardly IED kills by ignorant, camel-smelling, mohammad-following maniacs. Perhaps you’re next! I hope so.

      No virgins. No allah. No mohammad. Just fucking dead. LOL


  14. You don’t understand those people, their suffer and that’s the big problem, the big USA problem. It’s better to destroy almost 5 000 families in the USA with all those poor kids deaths and 100s of thousands more with their sons with their future only in a wheelchair? So sad that you and most of the american people think that way…

    In the end, all of you will be back home, after spreading the terror in those countries and in your country.

    It’s sad what happened in 9/11 but Bush killed more of his own people, more than the 3 000 dead at the WTC.


  15. Lance u are typicaly american asshole for which ALL world hate USA , you retardet republicane shit .
    USA peoples are fucking honourable if killing this poor enemies , OK go steal some OIL from Russia , Ofcourse USA are so scared to it


    1. Hey, ain’t the Russians raping the Chechens over some idiot terrorists? Terrorists are after the oil too, let’s them kill themselves with gold-plated bombs, eh?


  16. i think this post is quite graphic but im only 12 i dont see to much gore like this not even in video games. but i do agree with every single thing Lance has said in the comments


  17. The only good answer to IED, A British marine sniper has 39 confirmed kills.To every marine,soldier and patriot out there keep safe and keep your heads down.


  18. The sad fact is that before this mess is over either we will have to kill so many of these assholes that the rest roll over (see Germany/Japan WW II) or the Chinese and the Indians will decide to get together and just take over the Middle East (who will stop them) as they need the oil more than we or the Euros do.
    You might want to read The Chinese Army Today.
    It would be a walkover (See Germany/Poland WW II) and all the ragheads would be a) dead or b) working in the oil fields for no wages.


  19. Look at you bastards… He was only fighting for what he believed, and you guys are making fun of him… If god told you to do that you would probably do the same!


  20. nice shot. ive been trying to find this pic .its fuking great .now i say we the usa. pull all our troops from the middle east and use neutron bombs on the whole fuking place .iraq iran afganistan pakistan and then we wait 2 days go in and mop up then we can get some cheap oil it wont even hurt the drilling platforms


  21. This is ridiculous, I am strong patriot and I find this whole site offensive. All you people do by saying these things is giving America a bad name. What you people are doing is equally as bad is what the Nazis did to the Jewish people. Not every Islam is an extremist that is just a sterotype. Honestly people just keep your God damn mouths shut if all you people are going is hate filled comments.



    1. Learn to properly conjugate verbs, PFA, you stupid dolt.

      It’s not “is giving America a bad name.” It should be “ARE” giving America a bad name (not that they are).
      And it’s not every “Islam”, it’s every “Islamist”, stupid.

      Truth? Brain dead fuckfaces like you should be culled and killed so you don’t fuck up our great genetics.

      You keep your braindead mouth shut or we’ll be forced to have an “Islam” kill you for being a placater and coward.

      And the only folks giving America a bad name are coward dick-licks like you. Now take those panties off and be a man for once in your life, fagboy.


    2. Are the streets filled with these kinds of things? Are the soldiers killing everything in their path? No! This man was killed for his actions. We, on the other hand, operate under rules of engagement. These Extremists exploit their fellow Muslims, using them as meat shields and hide within their houses to avoid their deserved fate.


  22. Dear Piece of Shit For All,

    Go fuck yourself you ignorant douche bag.

    You have the effrontery to compare satire to genocide?

    Playing that card is worthless and belittles the suffering of Jews and other victims of Nazism.

    It is a comment only worthy of a true anti-Semite.

    And by the way, the Lakers suck.


  23. Hello everyone, just happened to come across this debate by chance. As a respectful Nihilist with a number of good Muslim friends and a future career in the military, I had to say something. We all hate terrorists. Agreed, fuck ’em. But Islam itself isn’t the problem, just a bunch of mindless Jihadi puppets. Yet most of the flack on here seems to be directed at Muslims in general… It just looks like blatant racism, regardless of personal experiences, and is hardly going to get sympathy for your cause. Some guy here mentioned bombing Pakistan and fighting the Turks- just like to remind everyone that Turkey is a member of NATO and that Pakistan is also in conflict against Al-Qaeda.

    On the other hand, if the guy in the photo was indeed a terrorist/insurrectionist, he clearly got what he deserved. Also, that is one hell of a shot!


  24. Rob,
    We all have “good Muslim” friends.
    What have yours done to stand up to Islamic Fascism?
    Mine are involved in the Iranian resistance and are liberal.
    Ask your good Muslim friends what their interpretation of Islam is.
    Your career in the military may mean having to blow your Muslim friends’ heads off or being in England you may be taking your marching orders from them, you twit.
    Click on the link below and read the article.
    That’s how your grand daddy rolled on the other fascists.



  25. My ‘good Muslim’ friends are now working on behalf of the UN, and are currently in Pakistan providing aid to those innocents affected by the conflict with Al-Qaeda there. I spoke to him about me possibly having to kill Muslims, he simply said: “The Muslim extremists make me feel ashamed to be Islamic- go for it man…”

    The debate over ‘Britain will soon be a Muslim nation’ has been and gone. Its just not going to happen, indigenous (white) Brits still have absolute dominance and any scepticism is born out of ignorance and blind patriotism.

    As for the part regarding WWII, I don’t understand your point. However my surviving Grandfather did actually serve in the RAF during the war (as a Lancaster Bomber Navigator), so please don’t play that card.

    P.S. Sincerely, good luck to your Iranian friends. Good to see I was wrong to some degree about the racial hatred on here…


  26. Rob,

    I hope you are right about the future of UK, and there are enough Brits unwilling to lie down in dhimmitude.

    Unfortunately, that’s not the impression on this side of the pond.

    My point about your grandfather is that he did his job even though it may have involved killing “good Germans”.

    I don’t think that too much was made of a distinction between Germans and Nazis back then the way we are now constantly being reminded that Muslims aren’t the enemy.

    If you read our banner, we are a love blog.
    If you read our About section, you will see that we declare that we are not anti-Muslim but take umbrage with the way some Muslims implement Islam.
    If you search our archives you will see that we don’t hold back on the Pope either. That doesn’t make us anti-Christian.

    Why is it that millions of Jew haters take the stand that they don’t hate Jews but aren’t anti-Zionists and they get a pass, and if you say something about Islamonazi terrorists it means that you are against all Muslims?

    BTW Rob, how many Jewish friends do you have?
    And one night stands with Jewish girls don’t count.


  27. Fair enough man, you make good points… My reasons for posting here were simply because I felt strangely insulted by some of the comments I read, not necessarily the Blog itself.

    Remember though, to take all news with a pinch of salt, regarding UK’s ‘Muslim take-over’. Haha, no I haven’t actually met any Jews at all if I’m honest. That said I don’t really stick my nose in the whole Jewish/Zionism/etc. issue either (pardon the pun); its not something I really know nor care much about, so I have no agenda on it.

    I guess the whole Muslim/terror debate is just a sensitive one (albeit complicated), and people in general rarely seem to differentiate between the two. It just saddens me to see it… when people don’t think about things and just spew hatred (again not necessarily talking about you).

    Peace out.


  28. Rob,

    You said two things that interest me.

    First, “I don’t really stick my nose in the whole Jewish/Zionism/etc. issue either (pardon the pun); ”

    Is that to imply that Jews have big noses?
    Some of the largest noses I have ever seen on humans belonged to Anglicans from Bristol.

    “its not something I really know nor care much about, so I have no agenda on it.”

    You should and I’ll tell you why.

    The biggest mistake made by some of the earliest Zionists was believing that they could create an oasis of European enlightenment in the mid East that would be welcomed by the Arabs.

    The Arabs don’t hate the west because it supports Israel. They hate the Jews because they represent Western or European culture. Israel is the canary in the coal mine. To get westerners on their side against Israel is a con job to complete phase 1 . As many Arab Muslims say, first the Saturday people and then Sunday. Meaning after we settle with the Jews we’ll take care of the Christians.

    So rob, unless you plan on giving up bangers with your mash, slicing off a bit of the willy and facing Mecca five times a day you actually do have a horse in this race.

    Happy Trails mate


    1. Funny you should use the line ‘Like a Canary in a Coal mine.’ Canarys were there to sacrifice themselves inorder to save the miners from poisonous leaks. The Arabs aren’t quite giving that sort of thought to them.


  29. Ok, sorry if the nose thing caused any offence, it was unintentional. I figured of all the Jewish-stereotypes out there it probably wasn’t that bad (feel free to mention crooked teeth and tea :D).

    Before I say anything else, are you Jewish?

    P.S. Frankly I’d rather take a beheading than pray to allah…

    P.P.S. Actually, scratch that, I’d rather kill the fuckers than do either of those… Not to mention taking away my fucking Bangers! 😉


  30. Robbie Boy,

    The nose comment was far less offensive than your indifference to the Jewish/Zionist thing.

    Your ignorance of Jews may be due to no fault of your own but it’s scary to think how many people like you may be swayed by Muslim influences just because they have no contact with Jews.

    I wasn’t really bothered by your big nose remark because I have a tiny one.

    I look amazingly like my avatar which has always allowed anti-Semites the honor of confiding in me their opinions of Jews because they assumed I was one of them.

    Does this betray a reality that ant-Semitism is so rampant that Jew haters are comfortable enough to think their feelings are shared with anyone who isn’t Jewish and can be divulged to anyone with blue eyes and a small nose?

    Give me the straight dope in this Robbie.
    How much Jew this and Jew that talk comes upwith you and your pals when there are safely no Jews in earshot?

    In the mean time make sure you wash down those bangers with Sam Smith Oatmeal Stout, or at least a Monkey Wrench, you cheeky blighter.


  31. -Haha, I’m actually partial to John Smith’s Bitter and Heineken Larger 😀

    In which case I apologise for my lack of fore-thought. Honestly my friend, I rarely discuss Jews, nor does anyone I know personally. Its probably just because of the region I’m from, but its simply not an issue which directly affects anyone, at least whom I know…

    In the UK, there are far more Christians, Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs than there are Jews. This obviously doesn’t mean we are against Jews in any way. For example, there was an incident not long ago, where some Muslim parents we’re complaining that state schools were teaching their kids about the holocaust, and wanted it to stop. The schools and local communities effectively turned around and said: “Fuck off. It happened. Deal with it.” We’re a diverse nation, but we all know Britain was one of several countries which established Israel, so we still have responsibility to it.

    Anyway I’ve enjoyed this tiny debate man, thanks and good day…


  32. I viewed our exchange less of a debate and more of light hearted banter, but it’s not something I want to argue about, ha ha.

    I’m glad to hear that Old John Bull has his head and his heart in the right place, and I hope they stay there.

    BTW- in these parts we’re snooty enough about beer to say that Heineken is Dutch for Budweiser.

    Check out some Belgian ales though, they’ll change your life.

    Good talkin’ at cha Robbie.


  33. Whatever mate xD Budweiser also good, and real ale is absolutely awesome… Guess I’m off to Belgium. Gotta admit though, I actually had to google ‘John Bull’ hehe…

    Later 🙂


  34. You are poor all christians.you dont know the truth.but your poverty wont rescue you in hell.
    we know:african in 16th or 17th centuries
    we know:indians (american indians)
    we know:arabs
    yes we know armenians
    and we know the future but you dont know it.
    armenians were the servant of the west and we killed them.and be patient please we are going to convert all christians to muslims.a clever one can understand the ISLAM.


  35. there is no holocaust.it is a big lie.if Hitler would win the war, today all americans will be bad.but he didnot win, so today whatever americans say is the truth puahh!
    the ugliest and dirtiest nation on the earth is Jews.they are not human race they are rates


  36. Muhamshit,

    You’re a funny guy.
    You make me laugh big time.
    Thanks for admitting that muzzies killed Armenians.
    That was a big step because Hitler used the world’s indifference to Armenian slaughter to assume he could eradicate the Jews and get away with it.

    You dumb piece of shit, go fuck yourself in your ear.


    1. @fake muslim(no real one would use mohammed)
      Even funnier, if there was no Holocaust than how do you explain the casualties, both living and dead, that were found in death camps across Europe? The records made by the Nazis of the captures and deaths, the ovens made to burn thirty at a time?

      P.S. learn to spell 3-letter-words. rate=rat? I don’t think so.


  37. Lance i’d better stop being a uk fat asshole that verbaly fucks everything, mostly sheep and camels, actually most of uk. uk people esp. I hate russians and musslims, i need to stop crying for myself and get a life. I slurp musslimm dongs for two rupees a pop.


    1. I have a great life, eurwo-twash. Just ask your mom who your REAL daddy is.


      I say we tag em and bag em…mussies and euro-twash alike.

      Yeah. That’s the ticket… tee hee hee


  38. At least we left his head ON. Ever see what they do to innocents? With a knife? It is much slower, incredibly more painful and lingering death – than this killer experienced.

    You bleeding hearts go ahead. Go try to talk reason with these people. Try to ‘undertand’ them. Try to ‘relate’ to them. We’ll be here to pick up the pieces and sow your head back on for your funeral.


  39. To idiots on here who defend/commend muslims & Islam as peaceful; you obviously have NO CLUE about what you’re talking about and are CLUELESS WHEN IT COMES TO HISTORY! If you knew ANYTHING, you would see that time & time again; that Isam is a violent “religion” Thanks to Middle Eastern Countrys’ failure to curb the violence; it falls to the good ole US of A. SEND IN THE MARINES!!! Let’s see thier appetite to fight when they arrive!!!


  40. Here’s proof from history that Islam has a VERY LONG track record of violence! And this is only PART of it! To those who are ignorant, this should “enlighten” you.

    -War of Independence (November 1947 – July 1949), that started by a 6 months of civil war between Jewish and Arab militias at the end of the British Mandate of Palestine and that turned into a regular war after the declaration of independence of Israel and the intervention of several Arab armies. In its conclusion, a set of agreements were signed between Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria, called the 1949 Armistice Agreements which established the armistice lines between Israel and the West Bank, also known as the Green Line.

    -Sinai War (October 1956) – a military attack on Egypt by Britain, France and Israel, beginning on 29 October 1956, with the intention to occupy the Sinai Peninsula and to take over the Suez Canal. The attack followed Egypt’s decision of 26 July 1956 to nationalize the Suez Canal after the withdrawal of an offer by Britain and the United States to fund the building of the Aswan Dam.

    -Six-Day War (June 1967) – fought between Israel and Arab neighbors Egypt, Jordan and Syria. The nations of Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Algeria also contributed troops and arms to the Arab forces. Following the war, the territory held by Israel expanded significantly (“The Purple Line”) : The West Bank (including East Jerusalem), Golan Heights, Sinai and Gaza were occupied from Jordan, Syria and Egypt, respectively.

    -War of Attrition (1968-1970) – a limited war fought between the Israeli military and forces of the Egyptian Republic, the USSR and the Palestine Liberation Organization from 1967 to 1970. It was initiated by the Egyptians as a way of recapturing the Sinai from the Israelis, who had been in control of the territory since the mid-1967 Six-Day War. The hostilities ended with a ceasefire signed between the countries in 1970 with frontiers remaining in the same place as when the war began.

    -Yom Kippur War (October 1973) – fought from October 6 to October 26, 1973 by a coalition of Arab states led by Egypt and Syria against Israel as a way of recapturing part of the territories which they lost to the Israelis back in the Six-Day War. The war began with a surprise joint attack by Egypt and Syria on the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur. Egypt and Syria crossed the cease-fire lines in the Sinai and Golan Heights, respectively. Eventually Arab forces were defeated by Israel and there were no significant territorial changes.

    -First Lebanon War (1982) – began in 6 June 1982, when the Israel Defense Forces invaded southern Lebanon. The Government of Israel ordered the invasion as a response to the assassination attempt against Israel’s ambassador to the United Kingdom, Shlomo Argov, by the Abu Nidal Organization and due to the constant terror attacks on northern Israel made by the Palestinian guerilla organizations which resided in Lebanon. See also Operation Litani.

    -Second Lebanon War (summer 2006) – began as a military operation in response to the abduction of two Israeli reserve soldiers by the Hezbollah. The operation gradually strengthened, to become a wider confrontation.


      1. This IP address has been traced and a complaint has been filed with your provider, COMCAST, about your harassment of visitors to our blog.

        How do you like them apples, fuck face?


        1. Lance,

          I’m a little pussy keyboard faggot. If I were a man and not a cowardly dick licker, I’d take you on. If you lodge another complaint with my contact info I’ll just cry like a baby.

          And will somebody please get this gerbil outta my ass and wipe Lance’s jizz off my face?

 COMCAST.NET – Reported


          1. Reported again. This time I phoned it in.

            I hope you’re angry, fuck face, because this was my intention. You keyboard commandos are just little pre-pubescent dick smokers trying to figure out why you like boys instead of girls. I can answer that for you. It’s because you’re gay, numb nuts. Own it. Deal with it. Embrace your homotude. Let us men handle the women. We’re better equipped.

            You should probably change your name to something more befitting of your lifestyle. How about Susie?


  41. Ya’ll rock. I am from Alabama and I am a Southern Baptist. I stand for Israel all the way. I would love to go to Israel and help in their struggle against the Satanic Islamic Demons. There is one place for all Demons of Islam and that is Hell. Israel Forever!!! — Steven T Creekmore, Athens, Alabama.


  42. I find your demeanor simply paleolithic.
    Why are you such a hater?
    Maybe you need some analysis or a prescription for Paxil.
    And your name is resplendent with male chauvinism and denigrates women.
    Maybe you should jump in front of a bus on Beaverton Highway.


  43. Tiny Dick is about as ignorant as they come. By “they” I mean liberal copycats who blindly follow liberal maniacs that never grew up — Peter Pans with no peters — Tinkerbells with no tinkers.

    What this ignominious prick-licker really needs is a diaper change, an ass spanking and something to suck on. He came to the right place, except for the diaper change.
    – – –

    STC, could you give me the digits for your Baptist minister?

    I need a new moonshine connection since Barney locked up my homeys.
    …………………………Otis and Ernest T. Bass


    1. I love this post. Now, if I could just get this gerbil dislodged from my ass and Lance’s jizz off my face… QWEST.NET – Reported


  44. because soon… very soon… you and and all of your Muslim penis licking butt buddies will stand in Judgement by the God of Abraham… and then you… like all other cloven hooves… will be cast with Satan into the pit of hell!


  45. Fuck those Muslims! Get Em the fuck out of our countries! We don’t want their terrorist organization of religious values! Fuck em all! Send those SOB’s back to the Middle East & let them slaughter one another! Pieces of Dog Shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The world is better off without any refugee’s. Fight your own fucking wars, you fucking peasants & STOP trying to LEACH from our HARD WORKING COUNTRY FOLK WORLDWIDE!!!!!! We who work run our government, and these fucking refugees NEVER asked any of us if they could tread into our countries. We haven’t given any permission & we do not want you terrorist pigs in our countries!!!!!!! Take your EVIL religion & shove it up your fucking asses! Muslims are fucking worse than the Nazi Party ever was & if you think otherwise…. Just wait till they begin trying to slaughter us in our homeland because their religion teaches them that anyone who isn’t Muslim, is an infidel & according to these teachings, infidels are righteous slaughter. Fuck you mother fuckers!


  46. This is sick that you’re advertising a weapon with a literal photo of a dead human being. Yes he was on the wrong path doing inhuman things, but are you any better mocking him? You people are pathetic and mental. Anyone who can sit here and see this disturbing photo, then crack jokes like it’s a video game or a movie is just a downright psychopath.


  47. Picture made my day.

    Hey, even some liberals like me want to see muslims get their comeuppance.

    I am very tolerant of probably every group of people on the planet. Except muslims. They’re brainwashed zombies. A culture which trains it’s own children to become suicide bombers is not fit to breathe the same air as the rest of us.

    For starters? I truly support the idea of spaying and neutering muslims. Starting with the so-called “palestinians” first. These are the most violent and filthy muslims.


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