Ray Hanania and Paris Hilton Have No Favorite Bible Passage — Neither Are Actually Christians

But don’t badmouth Ray to the Jerusalem Post. They’re liberal Jews who appease Arabs (both Muslim and so-called Christian Arabs) and scoff at non-Muslim counterterrorism efforts. Their approach is, “Be nice to the bad man and maybe he’ll go away!”

We know better.

Rumor has it Ray works for both the Muslim Chickens and Mossad (Ray has a tendency to talk too much while in bars, comedy clubs, and those secret Arab circle jerks he attends).

Ray, we’re hip to Islam and its practice of Taqqiya, so give it up, man. We’re on to you.

If you catch Ray hanging out with Muslim doctors any time soon, you’ll know the real deal. If he shows up on the cover of American Medical Association Magazine wearing a burkini and lipstick, you’d better get out those Glasgow Nike’s and prepare to kick him in his Arab balls.

In reality, I don’t think Ray is brave enough to carry out a terrorist act (other than his comedy routine. It’s a killer…yawn). He was always the sensitive type, or so his mother said. He’s more likely to bore us to death with his slow wit and twisted loyalties.

If Ray’s no good to the Muslim Chickenhood, no good to Mossad, and no good at comedy, then what good is Ray?

Oh, I forgot. He’s got a new job writing Arab propaganda for the Jerusalem Post.

Check out Ray’s latest Baghdad Bob routine:

In Praise of Arab Identity

by Ray Hanania

The other day, I received a call from a prominent Chicago organization asking me to participate in a Christian-Muslim dialogue group.

[Sure you did, Ray. We, **clearing throat**, believe you. And I’m sure Christian-Muslim dialogue-rs have lots to say to each other. Sounds like a real hoot. Muslims loved the Pope’s true words about Islam and only murdered one nun that time]

I told them I’d be happy to join them. “I’m a Christian Arab,” I said.


The caller apologized, and said they were looking for Muslim Arabs.

Although I pointed out that more than half of the nearly 4.5 million Arabs in the United States are Christian Arabs, but that of America’s seven million Muslims [actually less than 2 million] less than 24 percent are Arab, the caller still uninvited me as politely as the invitation had been extended.

[So, we actually have less than 2 million Muslims in America. Less than 24% are Christian. So, that makes Ray (even though he’s really not a Christian) part of a group of 480,000 out of 300,000,000. Ray’s group is 0.16% of total Americans. Illegal Mexican immigrants have his group beat by a long shot]

It’s not the first time this has happened, but this problem of ignoring the significance [what significance] of Arab Christians has been growing over the years. And it has created a real problem in our world, one that actually fuels, not discourages, Middle East extremism.

On the one hand, the problems of the Middle East are problems that stem from secular, non-religious issues. For example, in Palestine [there is no such place as Palestine] the dispute is over land ownership and the boundary that would divide the Israeli and Palestinian states.

Sure, religion is an aspect of it, but it’s not the driving force.

In Iraq, the issue was about a secular dictator who, granted, had been an American client-turned-foe. The issue of religion only entered after Saddam Hussein was ousted and murdered.

[Ray shows his true Arab-Muslim colors by stating Saddam was “murdered”]

It’s only when you leave the Middle East that the problem transforms from secular politics to religious fervor.

Even 9/11 was not about Islam [Yes it was, Ray…but you are in denial like most Arabs (Muslims)], although Osama bin Laden is an example of the growing extremism in the Muslim world. The terrorist attackers may have cloaked themselves in a bastardized misinterpretation of Islam [more Taqqiya], but the purposes were all about politics.

Bin Laden’s initial break began with his declared his opposition to the presence of American military forces in Saudi Arabia, but it was his Islamic fervor that he used to attract support among the faithful.

AND WHAT has the response been to these events? Well, there is a rise of Christian and Muslim dialogue groups in the United States [this is the first I’ve ever heard of “dialogue groups”. Ray’s trying to pull a fast one here folks. Beware!], not with Muslims who are Arabs, but with Muslims who are non-Arab.

Muslims have been given a major role in society [True. They like blowing society up]. Ironically, on the first anniversary of September 11 in many cities around the country, outreach efforts included non-Arab Muslims.

Muslims are becoming a very powerful force, in part because the majority of their members are non-Arab and have strong non-Arab activist roots in America, such as Pakistanis, Indians and Asians. [more trouble-makers]

Many of them recognize the significance of the Arab role in Islam. After all, Islam was founded in Arabia by an Arab. The language of Islam is Arabic. But, the majority of believers are non-Arab.

There has been a dangerous weakening of the secular Arab aspect of the Middle East conflict over the years, and a significant growth in the Islamic movement which is slowly becoming the “official spokesman” for the Palestine-Israel conflict, for example.

Arabs are on the receiving end of more of the criticism, while Muslims are actually increasing in power and popularity, not just in the United States but throughout the world. In the United States where Arab activism was solidly based, the activism for Palestine and the Middle East has been hijacked by Islamic organizations.


The danger is in the very disturbing shift in the secular political focus on the world’s conflicts to a growing view of Islam as the both the cause and the answer.

THE SECULAR Arabs, who are Christian and Muslims, are declining in power and influence over their own people, while the Muslim religious leaders and religious activists are becoming the de-facto representatives in terms of addressing Middle East issues.

Christian Arabs, especially, who are already an abused and patronized minority in the Middle East, face the greatest threats to their existence. For the most part, many in the West do not even recognize the term “Christian Arab.”

[Ray sticks up for Christian Arabs, at the same time he sticks up for Palestinian thugs who kill Christians and attack Israel, which Ray hates as well. He hates Israel like a true Muslim Arab shit-head. Cindy Lauper’s song “True Colors” comes to mind here]

After the attack on the World Trade Center, for example, an educated American woman approached me and said, “I can’t believe you abandoned your Christian faith to become an Arab.” [I’ll bet Ray made this one up too]

It was a stupid comment, reflecting the woman’s unbelievable lack of education on Middle East subjects. But her error was in the growing confusion between the terms “Arabs” and “Muslims.”

Arabs are disappearing. Muslims are growing in organizational strength, power and in presence in all aspects of the challenges facing today’s world. That is not good. Religious activists are in fact religious by the very nature of having placed faith above individual reasoning.

Secular Arabs, though, place the emphasis on their societal existence and on their perceived nationalism. There is an inherent problem in addressing “terrorism,” for example, from a religious perspective than addressing terrorism from a secular perspective.

TO A RELIGIOUS extremist, the end result is not compromise but the submission of the opponent. There can be no compromise on issues of faith for the faithful.

[Once again, what’s your favorite Bible passage, Ray?]

Secular Arabs, however observant they might be of their religion, will compromise on issues and place individual reason above religious doctrine. The impending storm is as ominous for Israelis as it is for Palestinians – secular Arabs and Christians from the Middle East. They are being marginalized not by a strategic move on the part of the West, but because most people in the West really can’t distinguish between Muslims and Arabs.

[Yes we can. I think YOU can’t, Ray]

As the Islamists grow in strength, the ability to compromise on issues of faith vanishes in direct proportion to that empowerment. One day, the secular Arabs will just disappear. Christian Arabs will vanish. And the only ones left standing on the battlefields of the Middle East will be a movement of Muslims dominated by non-Arabs who have no real stake in the issues of the Middle East, Palestine or even Israel, but do have a powerful drive to impose their religious beliefs on everyone in the region.

[Ray, didn’t your mama tell you not to sniff glue? Man, can you ever whip up the whoppers!]

What Ray fails to mention here is that although many Arabs are Christians, most Arabs of any faith still subscribe to the Arab-Muslim Jew hatred, Israel hatred, Western culture hatred, and Islamic World Domination tactics used by Islamofascists. Just look at Ray’s defense of Palestinian murderers, at his calling Saddam’s execution “murder,” and his denigration of non-Arab Americans to see my point.

Ray Hanania is an Arab first, then a friend to Palestinian thugs, then a friend to Islamofascists, but never simply an American. It’s time for Ray to set the example and assimilate into American society instead of banging the Arab drum. He can start by denouncing Palestinian terror, Islamofascism, and Arab enemies of the United States of America. Wouldn’t this have been a more appropriate 4th of July article for the Jerusalem Post?


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  1. A while back I promised Ray that I wouldn’t make any personal attacks on him. That doesn’t mean I have no recourse to address what he writes.

    He actually makes some valid points in the midst of all this drivel.

    That the Jerusalem Post published it is testament either to the pluralistic nature of Israeli society or the Post’s love of drivel.

    I know you read our site Ray, so I will speak to you directly.

    Your logic has as many holes as the chest of a suicide bomber postmortem.

    Religion is an aspect but not the driving force behind the Israeli/Palestinian divide?

    Why have Muslims for decades called for the destruction of the Jews in the name of Allah?

    Haven’t you read the transcripts from the Fourth Conference of the Academy of Islamic Research?

    You place the blame of terrorism on non-Arab Muslims.

    There are plenty of Arab Muslims with blood on their hands in the terror department.

    You appear to be upset that the Muslim extremists have taken the baton from your hand regarding anti-Israel activism.

    Did they steal your thunder or is this a back door way of actually condemning them without saying so.

    You seem upset that you can’t be perceived as an Arab if you are a Christian.

    What about the 1 million Jewish Arabs?

    Did they ever have a choice of which way they were perceived?

    If non-Arabs are leading the charge for Muslims in the Middle East, why aren’t Pakistanis or Iraqis blowing themselves up or rocketing Israel?

    I don’t know any one who doesn’t feel for how abused Christian Arabs are at the hands of the Muslims.

    Why don’t you take your arguments to Arab Muslims?

    Did this appear in the Post because Arab papers turned you down?


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