I was invited for lunch over the weekend where one of the guests, a nephew of my host, was a leatherneck Lance Corporal.

He finished basic training and his specialty training, called MOS (military occupational specialty) and will be going overseas  soon. Or as the military calls it — OCONUS — Outside the Continental United States.

His description of what he had to go through and how so many recruits are eliminated was mind boggling.

God bless him.

God bless the USMC

God bless America.

Semper Fi motherfuckers.



Let’s Ditch the Political Correctness

By Susan Stamper Brown | 18 June 2015

Political correctness is a contradiction of reality and distortion of morality that necessitates relentless government intervention devised by those who seek to control our lives. These self-appointed “Speech Sheriffs” warn us that words spoken outside the imaginary perimeters they’ve set are judgmental, negative, racist or intolerant.

The goal of these elitists is to subtly subvert society by controlling speech. When speech is controlled, it’s easy to control behavior. PC has infiltrated and corrupted just about every facet of our lives, including businesses, the news media, sports, churches, the military and universities.


Universities once known as open forums for free thought are now so hostile to it, comedians like Jerry Seinfeld won’t step foot inside campuses to perform. College kids are too uptight and obsessed over the idea that a joke might offend someone. Indoctrination by far left professors and their skewed take on history and life in general has sucked the joy out of learning and truth out of reality. Continue Reading »

Donald Trump is running for president.

Now Donald Trump (R) is running for president.

Once again there is royalty in America.

After 37 years we finally have a holder of the Triple Crown .

The 147th running of the Belmont Stakes was won by American Pharoah, out of Zayat Stables and owned by Egyptian born Achmed Zayat.

Allah be praised.

But wait a minute, Allah, there is more.

Zayat’s real name is Ephraim.

He’s a Jew and not just any kind of Jew.

He’s an Orthodox, Sabbath observing, kosher kind of Jew.

Which makes American Pharoah a Jewish horse.

Another tool of the Zionists infiltrating and dominating the world of sports, just like Hank Greenberg, Sandy Koufax, and Barney Ross.

Hey Allah, suck it.

There is a real Jewish piece of shit snaking his way through the underbrush and overbrush for that matter.

His name is Nathanael Kapner and goes by the name Brother Nathanael.

He calls himself an Orthodox Christian and is a non-stop stream of hate filled anti-Semitic rants.

How the people of Frisco, Colorado haven’t run him out-of-town is beyond me.

Hey Nate, you flaming douchebag, did your mother not breast feed enough after the age of fifteen that you hate your own kind?

Did she stick your nose in your own shit because you still weren’t toilet trained at the age of twenty?

Or did the hottest Jewish chick in your school reject and humiliate you publicly because of your nerd glasses and body odor like an unchanged diaper?

Do you actually think that the cum-stained anti-Semites you preach to think of you as anything other than the shit stained Jewboy that you are?

You fucking idiot. All your Christian posturing bullshit will do nothing to save you when they come to shove you in the ovens along with the rest of us.

I only hope I can be there to push you in ahead of me so I can go to my death knowing that all you ever were was another fucking Jew.

I’m peeing in my pants with laughter just imagining the scenario, you stupid Jewboy.

Rot in hell for the disgrace you are to every Jew that ever lived.

Br.Nathanael Kapner - the Jewish Christian (Self ordained)

Br. Nathanael Kapner – the Jewish Christian (Self ordained)

Obama is Jewish like I’m the Pope. Actually, that’s not a fair comparison. Like I’m Steppin Fetchit.

by Seth Mandel

It turns out Adam Sandler needs to revise his classic “Hanukkah Song.”

The new line: “Barack Obama: Not a Jew.”

What makes that necessary is that President Obama and some of his media courtiers seem to think he’s an honorary member of the tribe.

Obama consigliere David Axelrod told an Israeli news outlet this week that Obama once said to him, “You know, I think I am the closest thing to a Jew that has ever sat in this office.”

That’s not the first time the idea of Obama’s Jewyness has popped up, but it is the most explicit. And it goes to not just Obama’s ignorance, but confusion among the Jews he knows best — progressive Jews.

It also comes as we hit the anniversary of the date that confusion got a lot worse — for June 5, 1967, was the start of the Six-Day War, after which Israel went from underdog to regional military power — and the Western left fell out of love with it.

And that was a big problem for Jewish liberals who’d fallen back on identifying with the ever-imperiled Jewish state for their ethnic solidarity.

Which brings us to why Obama thinks he’s Jewish — or, at least, Jew-ish.

From the start, Obama’s been outwardly hostile to the Israeli government and uninterested in changing course.

So his defenders offered a new spin: Only true friends of Israel would criticize the Jewish state relentlessly, harping on its flaws while speaking apocalyptically of its future.

This was always nonsense: No one criticizes Israeli politicians more than other Israelis.

But the heart of the left’s criticism always goes back to the same moment in time: June 1967. That’s when Israel took over the territory from Jordan and Egypt on which many Palestinians hope to build a state.

Because of Israel’s supposedly Pyrrhic victory — or, as Ahron Bregman calls it in a recent book, Israel’s “Cursed Victory” — its demographic future, and democratic character, is in question. And so, the argument goes, Israel’s true friends must speak up to save Israel from itself.

This is ideological sour grapes masquerading as brotherly love. But Obama never recognized that because these are overwhelmingly the Jews he knows.

This isn’t the place to elaborate on how, for all that most US Jews vote as liberals, progressive politics clashes with traditional Jewish ideals and practices.

Yet the fact remains that many, perhaps most, Jews don’t actually want to sanctify secular humanism as a replacement for traditional theology.

It’s the Jews who do try to make progressivism the heart of their Jewish identity who think Obama is so Jewy.

In 2012, The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg bizarrely wrote that the only real argument concerning Obama and Judaism is over “what sort of Jew he actually is.”

Then he explained what he meant by Obama’s Jewishness: “No president, not even Bill Clinton, has traveled so widely in Jewish circles, been taught by so many Jewish law professors, and had so many Jewish mentors, colleagues, and friends and advisers as Barack Obama.”

True enough: Obama traveled in liberal circles, lived in liberal cities, studied in liberal academia and, as an activist and teacher, had a great many liberal colleagues. Parochial and intellectually incurious, he plainly absorbed their take on Judaism’s essence.

That essence has, in the hands of progressive Jews, been directed away from ancient texts and toward an airy version of the Jewish concept “tikkun olam” — repairing the world.

Obama’s worldview was shaped by social-justice warriors and puritanical progressives. That many of them happened to also be Jewish doesn’t provide Obama with the frame of reference he and his admirers clearly think he has.

You don’t have to be a philo-Semite to be the kind of president Israelis will embrace. (Few if any presidents were as crucial to Israel’s survival as Richard Nixon was during the 1973 Yom Kippur War, and Nixon was no philo-Semite.) But it would help if Obama understood what he claimed to represent.

There’s a great deal of irony in this. Obama the uninformed, narrow-minded narcissist lays claim to honorary membership in the People of the Book. And his history of Israel is stuck in 1967 without understanding the events before or since.

Judaism is, as the cliché goes, a mosaic. That Obama doesn’t seem to even grasp this basic point perfectly underscores the daft strangeness of his comment — and the consistency of his insular worldview.

Seth Mandel is The Post’s op-ed editor.


hillary-bumper-stickerCorruption is her middle name.

Being the second ugliest first hooker is her game.


michael-obama-snarl“It” is really a man…

Michael, not Michelle Obama.

Transvestite or Transsexual?

You be the judge.

Also see:

There is a cancer on the earth. The Islamic State terrorists are expanding their reach far beyond Syria and Iraq.

There is a cancer on the earth. The Islamic State terrorists are expanding their reach far beyond Syria and Iraq.

For those that understand “Poe’s Law” no further disclaimer is required. For those that don’t… I suggest you look it up.

Please visit Memritv.org from which the original unedited clip was taken. They do invaluable work in detailing and reporting on the media in the Middle East.



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