Q: If the cop who shot and killed Michael Brown in Ferguson were black, would race baiters like Al Sharpton and Eric Holder, and the black mobs thronging the streets be equally enraged acting out?

A: Hell no!

This debacle isn’t about a racist cop shooting an unarmed man because he was black. It’s about an innocent white cop and the system being bullied by the black community.

Why did I write ‘innocent white cop’? Because of one of the most sacred principles in the American criminal justice system, holding that a defendant is innocent until proven guilty. In other words, the prosecution must prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, each essential element of the crime charged; not the black community or any other entity or individual.

It appears this bunch is okay with judging that Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson is guilty without due process, yet they expect due process for themselves. This is called a double standard, folks, which neither blacks nor anyone else is entitled.

So far, he hasn’t even been charged with a crime, yet the black community has already tried him in absentia and convicted him of murder. No doubt the penalty they have in mind for him is death. This is exactly what they accuse Wilson of doing to Brown. This behavior is in the same category as their violent and racist knockout game that is being perpetrated against non blacks all over America.

Let’s get real here. They don’t truly believe Wilson is guilty. Again, they simply want to strike out at a white cop and the system that attempts to protect and serve them, which they also consider white.

The black community, my friends, is where the ugly face of actual racism resides.

Believe it.
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Video: Ferguson Rioters Acting Like Curious George On Red Bull

Ben Shapiro takes on Ben Affleck and the myth that only a tiny minority of Muslims worldwide are radical.



IRS: The Obama Administration’s Gestapo

Obama is a homosexual. Michelle is really a man.

Obunghole Shunned by His Own Party

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From the WSJ:

Professor Hired for Outreach to Muslims Delivers a Jolt
Islamic Theologian’s Theory: It’s Likely the Prophet Muhammad Never Existed

by Andrew Higgens

MÜNSTER, Germany — Muhammad Sven Kalisch, a Muslim convert and Germany’s first professor of Islamic theology, fasts during the Muslim holy month, doesn’t like to shake hands with Muslim women and has spent years studying Islamic scripture. Islam, he says, guides his life.

So it came as something of a surprise when Prof. Kalisch announced the fruit of his theological research. His conclusion: The Prophet Muhammad probably never existed. 

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democrat halloween

Libturd Illogic

Libturd logic


Having Obama as America’s president is tantamount to having Abbas as Israel’s Prime Minister

You heard it here first!

And this crowd was overwhelmingly populated by Blacks who voted for Obama.

Let’s hope this trend grows exponentially.

From WND:

Crowd of Democrats walks out on Obama
Steady stream of people leave, heckler interrupts president

The magic that President Obama once enjoyed at political rallies appears to have vanished into thin air, as a crowd of spectators walked out on the president during a speech for Democrats Sunday in Maryland.

During an appearance for Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown, who is running for governor of Maryland, “early departures of crowd members while he spoke underscored his continuing unpopularity,” reported Reuters.

“A steady stream of people walked out of the auditorium while he spoke,” the wire service noted, “and a heckler interrupted his remarks.”

“You’ve got to vote,” Obama repeated numerous times at the rally in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, not far from the nation’s capital.

“There are no excuses. The future is up to us,” Obama said. “Go find your friends to vote. Get your cousin to vote. Get your uncle to vote.”

The heckler was a pro-immigration-reform protester holding a handwritten sign reading “#Not1More.”

“The problem is, I’m actually for immigration reform,” Obama asserted. “Of course, he should be protesting the folks who are blocking it, but that’s OK.”

“Maryland, we have made progress,” Obama said, as he listed his prize achievements of his presidency, such as Obamacare. “Don’t let folks say otherwise.”

But Obama also admitted: “Tonight we’re here because we know there is more work to do,” which he said included battling terrorism and infectious diseases, his sole reference to Ebola in his address.

“When you cast that vote you’ve got a choice to make,” Obama said, between “two very different visions for America.”

“I believe that Republicans are patriots, that they love their country, but they are a broken record,” he said.

He also urged the crowd to select hope over cynicism.

“Hope is a better choice and we’re selling hope.”

The most recent poll from the Baltimore Sun showed Brown leading Republican Larry Hogan 49 percent to 42 percent.



I just finished re-reading (first go around was 2006 ) Russel Shorto’s The Island at the Center of the World, which is as the subtitle explains, the epic story of Dutch Manhattan and the forgotten colony that shaped America.

As a result of the English takeover of the colony in 1664, we’ve all been fed the party line that America’s ideals, foundations and successes are all due to the hardy stock and moral superiority of our Pilgrim Fathers.

Shorto’s investigation, largely based on translations of Dutch 17th century documents reveals the actual truth.

shorto-book-coverThe Dutch did not confine themselves to the southern tip of Manhattan Island.

Their colonies were spread from Delaware to what is now Hartford Connecticut.

Present day maps contain the Dutch or Anglicized Dutch names such as New Castle, Delaware, Cape May New Jersey, the Schuylkill River in Pennsylvania, Rensselaer, and Brooklyn New York.

Words such as cookie, boss, cole slaw and Santa Claus exist in our vocabulary from Dutch origins.

More significant though was their concept of tolerance and acceptance that was most influential on building the American character.

The Dutch colonies were a result of private enterprise and designed to create profit for the Dutch West India Company.

This made Manhattan a commercial hub from the start and it attracted a diverse demographic, creating a culturally pluralistic, upwardly mobile and capitalistic society.

The Pilgrims who fled England to escape religious persecution quickly transformed their Plymouth bay and Massachusetts colonies into a theocracy equivalent to modern day Taliban. Refugees from there ended up in Dutch territory seeking freedom of religion.

The legal system in place was Dutch based and gave us the concept of public prosecutor, or district attorney.

It was the half Dutch, half English New York delegation to the Constitutional Convention that insisted on the Bill of Rights before they would ratify a document that limited the government’s infringement on personal freedom.

Bottom line — read the book.

And Obama is aiding and abetting them. Isn’t that a violation of the Patriot Act?

ISIS Slurps Camel Dongs

ISIS pussies slurp camel dongs for a penny a shot. Obama slurps ISIS dongs for free.


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