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The year was 1947. Some of you will recall that on July 8, 1947, almost 67 years ago, numerous witnesses claim that an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) with five aliens aboard crashed on a sheep and mule ranch just outside Roswell, New Mexico.

This is a well-known incident that many say has long been covered up by the U.S. Air Force as well as other federal agencies and organizations.

However, what you may NOT know is that in the month of April 1948, nine months after the historic day, the following people were born:

Barrack Obama Jr.

Barrack Obama Jr.

Barrack Obama Sr.
Albert A. Gore, Jr.
Hillary Rodham
William J. Clinton
John F. Kerry
Howard Dean
Nancy Pelosi
Dianne Feinstein
Charles E. Schumer
Barbara Boxer
Joe Biden

This is the obvious consequence of aliens breeding with jackasses and sheep.

Now you can stop wondering why these inbred libtards support bills that help Illegal Aliens rather than prosecute and deport them.

The origin and genealogy of Democrats is no longer a mystery.

I truly hope this bit of information clears up a lot of things for you. It certainly did for me.





By Aulddog

I’m moved to comment because I believe that Santayana was right as far as he took his famous statement: “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to relive it”

Here is my corollary: Those who actively obfuscate and distort history are doomed to bring about its repetition.

I remember the first presidential election to which I ever paid attention. There was an enormous groundswell of public opinion against not only the sitting president but his party as well. The Democratic contender promised great things; the country looked at him and felt overwhelmingly optimistic about its chances with him. So, guided by big promises and great optimism, the country voted him in and openly damned the Republican Party for all of its malfeasance, both real and imagined, even though their earlier president had successfully doubled down on an unpopular war and came within a cunt hair of winning it, even as his congress attempted—somewhat successfully—to short circuit his efforts.

Sound familiar? I’m sure readers of this blog—at least the younger ones—will look at this and think, “Why yes, we remember this, it was 2008.”

Wrong. Wrong, wrong, WRONG!  Shows how little you know, kids, and that you will always fail because you never learned the lessons of history.

The year in question was 1976. The presidential contender was Jimmy Carter.

The earlier president was Richard Nixon. History has since vindicated him, but unfortunately it was too late—he was old and feeble, and died before he had a chance to truly reap the rewards of his vindication.

How many times must we learn these lessons before we come up to an election and take the road less traveled? How much more damage can this country absorb before we wake up and realize that the Democrats are NOT our friends, as they claim? How long will all this take?

I wish I knew.

At this point, I can hold out no hope at all for the future, and whatever change we get will only be destructive and scary. Now, I realize that I’ve gone on here before and excoriated Lance for a defeated attitude (notice I said “defeated” and not “defeatist”—there’s a difference), but at this point, even I’m done.
If you’re reading this and damning me, you’re part of the problem. If you’re reading this and you agree, you’re part of the resistance. 

Carry on.



As you tyrannical idiots continue to violate our rights, ignore our Constitution, break the law, and bully Americans, we are dusting, cleaning, and loading our millions of firearms and have billions of rounds in reserve.

Keep one thing in mind. At least one of those billions of bullets has your name on it.

The billions of rounds of ammunition you have stockpiled won’t do you any good if you’re dead.

You are going to need all those coffins you have stockpiled under the guise of preparing for natural disasters.

This is YOUR disaster, YOU started it, and YOU are going to be the ones filling all those coffins.

The second shot heard around the world has been fired and—like the British in 1775—your fate is in the hands of WE THE PEOPLE, and the law is on our side.

WE own this country, not you, and 26 million of us are well-trained military veterans. How big is your army?

we the people

You have opened a can of worms and can never contain them again. Thank Obammy.

You are the single largest threat to our National Security and we will take you down.

Harry, you’d better hope you’re not allergic to tar, feathers, and lead.

Joe Biden, you’re going to get your shotgun shoved up your ass sideways—you know, the one you fire into the air for protection.

Better yet, you traitors could both be shoved up Obammy’s ass. Rumor has it he loves having things poked up his six.

Unlike cowardly Obammy, when we draw red lines, we follow through when they are crossed.

And Harry, your son is the softest target today. He’s the primary target, thanks to you. And he’s a pussy, just like you. You’d better take his sissy ass and hide him somewhere. If you don’t, you’ll feel the pain of watching your ilk killed before your eyes. And then, you’ll experience your own, slow death.

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Eric Himmler, the Crybaby

3 dead in shootings at Jewish centers in Kansas, authorities say

The entire TMQ2 staff send their thoughts and prayers to our Jewish brothers and sisters in Overland Park Kansas in the wake of deadly shootings at multiple Jewish community Centers.

In every generation…

In followup to the federal government’s latest attempt at  intimidation of American citizens in Nevada and elsewhere, here is the latest revelation from those wonderful folks at WND:



Desert showdown blows lid off long-standing plans with the Chinese

When Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy refused to take his cattle off land the federal government demanded for the habitat of an endangered desert tortoise, it focused the nation’s attention on an arena Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., may have preferred to be kept quiet.

An investigative report published last week by Infowars.com drew a connection between Senate Majority Leader Reid’s involvement with Chinese energy giant ENN, Chinese efforts to build massive solar facilities in the Nevada desert and the showdown between Bundy and the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, or BLM.

It wasn’t the first report to notice curious dealings involving the Chinese and America’s top Democrats.

On Jan. 20, 2013, WND warned Chinese government-backed economists were proposing a plan to allow Chinese corporations to set up “development zones” in the United States as part of a plan proposed by the Chinese government to convert into equity the more than $1 trillion in U.S. Treasury debt owned by the Chinese government.

The next day, Jan. 21, 2013, WND documented the Obama administration had begun to allow China to acquire major ownership interests in oil and natural gas resources across the USA.

China grabs oil interests in USA

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Note from the Marshal:


Does this answer your question brother?  I think those ol’ boys in Nevada and its surrounding states (read Utah) know just exactly what to do.  Shall we ask our friend what he thinks? ha Ha HA!
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From WND:



End cattle gathering operation over ‘serious concern’ about safety


Standoff between armed Feds and armed American citizens. I believe we have just witnessed the second shot heard around the world. Toss in the Obozo factor and we’ll be seeing a lot more situations like this. The Feds need to stand down before we’re forced to put them down!

Federal officials have backed away from a growing confrontation over land rights in Clark County, Nev., citing “serious concern” about the safety of law enforcement officials and private citizens on the front lines of the standoff.

As WND reported, helicopters, four-wheel-drive vehicles and an estimated 200 armed officers of the federal Bureau of Land Management, or BLM, were deployed to the Nevada ranch of Cliven Bundy, while citizen militias rallied to the property, prepared to support the rancher.

The dispute escalated last weekend, when federal authorities began seizing cattle grazing on federal lands adjacent to Bundy’s property in Bunkerville, 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas, charging the rancher has been in violation of a law that aims to protect an endangered desert tortoise. The BLM also says Bundy owes more than $1 million in grazing fees to the federal government.

But now, according to a report by KSNV-TV in Las Vegas, the gathering of cattle has been stopped by the director of the BLM, and Bundy is meeting with Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie to discuss a possible solution.

The station reported the following statement, made by Neil Kornze, director of the BLM: “As we have said from the beginning of the gather to remove illegal cattle from federal land consistent with court orders, a safe and peaceful operation is our No. 1 priority. After one week, we have made progress in enforcing two recent court orders to remove the trespass cattle from public lands that belong to all Americans.

“Based on information about conditions on the ground, and in consultation with law enforcement,” Kornze continued, “we have made a decision to conclude the cattle gather because of our serious concern about the safety of employees and members of the public.
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Lying Shithouse Rat!

Things Obama supposedly didn’t know:

  • Didn’t know about the security clusterfuck in Libya.
  • Didn’t know about the IRS scandal.
  • Didn’t know his government spies on journalists.
  • Didn’t know the NSA engages in a domestic spy program aimed at Americans.
  • Didn’t know the NSA tapped Merkel’s Handyüberwachung.
  • Didn’t know the NSA spies on every other leader in the so called free world.
  • Didn’t know about the Obamacare snafu.
  • Didn’t know Americans would lose their existing medical coverage or see their premiums skyrocket under Obozocare.
  • Let’s play a game: Didn’t know _______________.

Three things Obama most definitely knows:

  • This week’s televised sports schedule.
  • Saturday morning’s tee off time.
  • Days to go…

Lying Piece of Shit!

#ObamaKnowsNuttin #ObamaCare

Clowns like John Kerry and every other member of the Obama Administration—including Obama—have turned American exceptionalism into American deceptionalism.

The Three Stooges could easily outshine Kerry as the chief diplomat.

These pinko knob swabbers are clearly the greatest threat to our national security, assuming we have any national security left.

Obama and his criminal cronies are busy every day dismantling our country, piece by piece.

The big question is, What are we going to do about it?


Kerry Kerry Quite Contrary…

#AmericanExceptionalism #AmericanDeceptionalism



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